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negotiation skills,
NLP  and EQ Development

Mastering body language—being able to speak and understand without words—is a necessary skill for any professional.


And nowadays, when communication is an inevitable part of it, one of the keys to success is mastering body language.

The aim of the course is to study and develop negotiation skills within the sales management module, to provide NLP and EQ development.


  • What is EQ and how does it work?

  • EQ models

  • Social knowledge and skills

  • Body language and NLP

    Start: December 17  

    Duration: 4 hours

    Price: 22,000 AMD



Jacob Makdis

  • Master's degree, management, YSU

  • MSc, Biology, University of Aleppo

  • BA, Biology, University of Aleppo

  • Lecturer, State Administration Academy of RA (PAARA)

  • Founder, Big Mind - Mind Awareness And Behavior

  • Founder and Director, Armarabia

  • Business communication trainer, Marketers Community The First Business School In Armenia



Nane Matevosyan

  • MBA degree, Department of Marketing Management, SBS Swiss Business School

  • MBA  degree, Department of Finance and Banking, RF Business School

  • Master's degree, Department of Economics, YSU

  • Bachelor's degree, Department of Economics, YSU

  • participated in more than 50 courses in Armenia and abroad

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