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Corporate Courses

We provide business training classes as well as specialized programs in marketing, branding, sales, and strategy.

For corporate learning, Slice Academy provides the following courses.

You can contact us or submit an enquiry if you wish to order a corporate course for your company.


Sales Management

Sales Management:

Sales and Communications

B2B sales and negotiations

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Digital Marketing Pro:

Website and SEO:

Digital Ads:

Digital Analytics:

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy and Road-mapping

Marketing Research:

Competitive Marketing:

PR and Media Relations

Customer Behavior:

Branding and Design 

Project Management 

Project Management:

Agile Project Management

Lean Project Management

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Media Planning:

BTL Promotions and Non-ads Promotions

PR and Media Relations


Creative thinking

EQ Development:

NLP and Body Language:

Business relations 

Communication and negotiation skills

Work-life balance

Stress management

Time management:


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