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In a Meeting

Marketing strategy 

The course will help you develop a brand or product presentation and promotion strategy in the market. You will be able to formulate a marketing plan in detail and define the goal. You will also master the preparation of  Roadmap visual document.

  • Marketing program

  • Goal setting

  • Reforms in real time

  • Roadmapping:

Start: December 24

Duration: 4 hours

Price:  39,000 AMD

Trainer: Artak Ordyan

  • International Bachelor's Degree, Nienrod Business University, Netherlands

  • -PhD degree, Department of Sociology, YSU 

  • Bachelor's degree, Department of Sociology, YSU 

  • Mesopartner International Summer Academy, Germany

  • Organization and participation in 20 international educational events (Cambridge, Rwanda, etc.)

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