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Sales Management:

Within the framework of this course, you will learn to implement effective sales in both B2B and B2C sectors. You will get to know professional nuances, master the most up-to-date sales tools and develop the skills necessary for sales.

The course is held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 19:00-21:00.

The duration of the whole course is 26 hours.

Slice Academy announces an educational marathon, within the framework of which, if you register before April 20, you can join the course for 69,000 AMD instead of 128,000 AMD.

Address: 50 Nalbandian St


Date: May 4

Topic: Selling Basics 

  • Selling as a process

  • Selling aspects

  • Factors affecting salesthe


Duration: 2 hours, 19:00-21:00

Նանե նկար.jpg

Trainer: Nane Matevosyan

Community Service

The date:May 6, 11:00

Subject: Sales and Service 

  • Service standards

  • Sales performance

  • Internal balance

  • Dos and don'ts in sales

Duration: 4 hours, 19:00-21:00

Նանե նկար.jpg

Trainer: Nane Matevosyan


Date: May 13, 18

Topic: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

  • Situational analysis

  • Preparation

  • EQ development with 4 levels

  • Independent work

Duration: 4 hours, 19:00-21:00

Cost: 26,000 drams

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Trainer: Nane Matevosyan

Saleswoman in Boutique Store

Date: May 20, 25, 27

Topic: Seller Features and Their Development 

  • Self-motivation

  • Communication skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • NLP and body language


Duration: 6 hours, 19:00-21:00

Cost: 38,000 drams

Slice Academy Tree_edited.png

Trainers: Nane Matevosyan, Hakob Makdis


The date:June 1, 3, 8

Subject: Current models for sale 

  • A girl named AIDA

  • The 7 steps model

  • After sales service

  • Evaluation of sales performance

Duration: 6 hours, 19:00-21:00

Cost: 35,000 drams

Նանե նկար.jpg

Trainer: Nane Matevosyan


Date: June 10, 15

Subject: B2B sales 

  • Cold calls

  • Database management

  • Loyalty

  • Business communications

Duration: 4 hours, 19:00-21:00

Price: 29,000 drams

Նանե նկար.jpg

Trainer: Nane Matevosyan

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