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Visual content
SMM and Content Marketing
Digital advertising

Topic: Visual content

The purpose of the course is to present the importance of visual content, particularly within digital marketing. To master such design tools, knowledge and application of which do not require professional education. As well as mastering social. to the logic and rules of visual construction .


Start: October 29

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: 12,000 drams



Nane Matevosyan

  • MBA degree, Department of Marketing Management, SBS Swiss Business School

  • MBA degree, Department of Finance and Banking, HRH Business School

  • Master's degree, Department of Economics, YSU

  • Bachelor's degree, Department of Economics, YSU

  • participated in more than 50 courses in Armenia and abroad


Trainer: Narine Sahakyan

Topic: SMM and Content Marketing

The goal of the course is to master the entire SMM toolkit, get to know and test the news and trends, study and find those users who are considered potential customers of the brand and company. Create and develop textual and visual content that users will read, view, and share.

  • Facebook:marketing

  • Instagram:marketing

  • LinkedIn:and:Google My Business:

  • Social Media Optimization:

  • Digital Copywriting:

  • Social Analytics:

  • Social Strategy:

  • Management Tools 

Dates: October 30, November 5, 6

Duration: 10 hours

Cost: 65,000 drams

Topic: Digital advertising

In the digital age, you will master all the secrets of making advertising interactive, you will learn to connect with the target audience with the help of digital advertising, and ensure promotion on social platforms.

  • Facebook Ads:

  • Instagram Ads:

  • YouTube Ads    

  • Google Search Ads:

  • Google Digital Ads:


Dates: November 12

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: 25,000 drams


Trainer: Sona Vardanyan

  • Trainer at Slice Academy

  • Content Writer at Slice Consulting

  • Multimedia reporter at

  • Multimedia reporter at

  • First TV Media Academy:


Trainer: Nane Matevossyan

  • Yerevan State University

  • Courses in local and international marketing schools 

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