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Promotion tools and media planning

The 5-day course will provide an opportunity to master all the tools of brand and product promotion, to carry out media planning. You will have the opportunity to implement a media strategy and analyze the results.

Study Public Relations and Media Relations, promote sales, and master non-advertising promotion tools.

  •  Creative Advertising and media placements (2 hours)

  •  Media strategy and post-sales analysis (4 hours)

  •  PR and media relations (4 hours)

  •  BTL and sales promotion (2 hours)

  •  Non-advertising promotion tools (2 hours)

Start: October 15

Duration: 14 hours

Price: 49,000 drams

Trainers: Tigran Baloyan, Tatevik Torosyan, Nona Melkonyan,

Vahagn Keshishyan

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