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Creative here!

Запишитесь на "Креатив тут" course with discount - ATTENTION - at 50%.

The cost of the course in stock - 35,000 AMD instead of 70,000. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! And if you also invite a friend to enroll in the course, then the cost of the course for two will be 65,000 drams.

The course consists of 3 blocks of 1.5 hours

Trainers: Ruben Mkhitaryan, Ruben Sarukhanyan

Days: December 6, 10, 13

Duration: 4.5 hours

Cute Girl
Designer's World

Creative. What? How? Profitable?

1. Что такое креатив и чем его...?
2. To whom is this given and necessary? 
3. Basic techniques and methods of creativity + practical master-class. 

Creative. The idea was born, and then?

1. Biology of thoughts and creative business.

2. Creative multiplies profit.

3. Creative tools for your life and work + practical master class.

Creative. What to do when there are no ideas?

1. Legal brain stimulation.

2. Разгон, загон, игра.

3. Inspiration everywhere. Bet?

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