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Details of the project

The program offers 40 hours of Business/IT training with well-known guest speakers.

Main topics

Day 1․ Business day

• Opening ceremony, division of teams

• How to generate business ideas

• How to start a business from scratch

• Business modeling

• Business Canvas

Day 2․ Project Management Day

• How to get started?

• Transition from idea to project

• Competent management

• Practical work (game)


Day 3. Cognitive tour to sightseeing places


Day 4․ Branding Day

• Naming, how brands are created (game)

• Color Marketing and Design (practical exercise)

• Brand book - what is it (content, format, key principles)

• Brand authenticity (video examples, discussion)

Day 5․ Advertising day

• What is advertising, types of advertising (video examples, exercise)

• Media carrier, types

• Media planning (game) and advertising budgets

Day 6․ Sales day

• Sales and service

• Negotiation and EQ (developmental game)

• Stress management (exercise, game)

• Merchandising (game)

Day 7․ PR day

• Media relations

• Events

• Corporate responsibility programs

• Business image

Day 8․ Modern marketing day

• How to enter the market

• Customers and competitors

• Digital Marketing (social media page and website creation, exercises)

• Neuro marketing

Day 9․ Finance and Management Day

• What is the definition of risks (exercise)

• Resources: internal և external, evaluation

• Finance in business (game)

• Accounting

• Financial planning and strategy

Day 10․ Participants' business project submission day, awards ceremony, graduation party

Day 11․ Departure

IT Basics
Main topics

Day 1․ WEB day

• Opening ceremony, division of teams

• WEB basics

• How it works

• WEB rules

• Professional advice

• Practical work

Day 2․ Code day

• Programming

• Programming languages

• What results can be achieved?

• How developers work?

• How to earn?

• Practical work

Day 3. Cognitive tour to sightseeing places

Day 4․ Design day

• Design basics

• Design in business

• UI / UX design

• Interface


• What is HTML?

• What is HTML-CSS?

• How are they used?

• What results can be achieved?

• Practical provisions

• Practical work

Day 6․ Project Formation Day

• Business solutions

• Technical base

• Receiving functions

• Finalize the problem

Day 7․ IT business day (guests, exchange of experience)

• IT in business

• Business rules

• Exchange of experience

• Guest feedback, seminars

• Interesting ideas

Day 8․ Free day for project development (with the support of trainers)

Day 9․ CMS and SEO day

• Website creation options

• Website advertising in search engines

• How to leverage IT to benefit business

Day 10․ Participants' business project submission day, awards ceremony, graduation party

​Day 11․ Departure

Details on our Wikipedia page

  • What will the participation in the project bring?
    Participation in the Summer Business School project gives teenagers and young adults professional orientation, the opportunity to gain rich knowledge, make new connections and friends. Participants will work in teams and present their projects. The smartest ones will be able to visit different companies and undergo professional practice. The best participants of SBS2022 will also be able to present their startup at "Buissup Global Forum 2022", which will take place in September in Dilijan, without having to overcome additional rounds.
  • How is the name of the participants ensured?
    The importance of safety is considered every time before a project starts. The safety of the participants is ensured by the organizers of the project. The entire area of the hotel is monitored by cameras. All rooms have a fire alarm system. Supervision is carried out by the management personally.
  • Are any certificates given to project participants?
    After the completion of the project, all participants will be given a certificate in accordance with international standards with the approval of the AITC structure. Having a certificate will be seen as a great advantage when applying to various educational institutions.
  • Do the organizers of the project cover the costs of moving the participants to Dilijan?
    Yes, the entire cost of transportation of Summer Business School participants to Dilijan and back is covered by the project organizers.
  • How will the participants of the project eat?
    Green Wood" hotel provides project participants with three varied and healthy meals.
  • Where can we get acquainted with the details of the Summer Business School project?
    All information about the history, organizers, goals and admission procedure of the Summer Business School can already be found in the free encyclopedia Wikipedia 3P1qfn4.
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