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Learn to Earn:

​Slice Academy, a venerable institution with 16 years of expertise in corporate education, proudly presents a diverse range of professional training courses catering to corporate clients, individuals, and groups.

In embracing the transformative power of non-formal education, Slice Academy empowers individuals and corporations alike to thrive in today's dynamic marketplace.

Join us in shaping tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and visionaries. Enrol with Slice Academy today and embark on a journey of lifelong learning, growth, and success. Your future awaits.

Our trainers


Nane Matevosyan

Strategic marketing


Artak Ordyan

Marketing and management


Sona Vardanyan



Margaret Baburyan

Business processes and management


Nelly Tatosyan

Time management:


Natalie Ghukasyan

SEO & Project Management:

Our students about us

Screenshot (640)_edited.jpg

Lusine Gharibyan

Professional courses are conducted by a very professional specialist. I participated in the "Digital marketing" course, I received very important practical knowledge and skills, which I can confidently apply at work in the future.
Thank you very much.

Screenshot (643)_edited.jpg

Arina Ghazaryan

I participated in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and How to start a business from 0 courses. They were very interesting courses, thanks to which I received enough important and useful information. I think all that will accompany me when I start working in the business sector and in general throughout my life. Thank you for all this.

Screenshot (641)_edited.jpg

Ruzanna Ghandilyan

I had the opportunity to participate in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Business courses. Excellent well-rounded and meaningful courses, during which I gained a number of important skills. As a representative of the new generation, it is a great pleasure for each of us to work with such professionals.

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